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ARC is among a select few advanced recovery centers in the nation, providing first-class recovery, therapy, and training aid to athletes of all levels

Proper fitness and training is a cycle of hard work, rest, perform. Everyone knows hard training results in optimal performance, but without proper recovery, it takes longer to see the improvement you’re working toward. Recovery gives muscles time to repair and rebuild, promotes tissue repair and helps your body adjust to your workout schedule, making you stronger.

  • Recovery

    The critical component of your training. Without it, you can’t reach your full athletic potential. Unlike other recovery centers, ARC has every form of recovery available all in one location. No matter where you train, the experts at ARC will help you recover.

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  • Therapy

    Don’t let injuries sideline you. When you aren’t performing at your peak, schedule an appointment with our on-site physical therapists. No outside medical referrals necessary. We accept insurance or cash payments. Let ARC get you back in the game.

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  • Training

    You’re interested in better fitness but don’t know where to start. Our personal trainers create customized plans to help you reach your fitness goals. Once your plan is set, join group training events for the benefits of working out with a team or train one on one.

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Your Plan for Better Fitness

Know your body inside and out. Body composition measurements give direction to your fitness plan. Sculpting and toning jumpstart your efforts.

  • Mobile Dexascan

    Dexascan, used in clinical settings, is the gold standard of body composition measuring. It takes a comprehensive snapshot of your exact breakdown of bone, fat tissue and muscle mass. With this powerful tool and a customized plan, you’ll make the most of your fitness efforts.

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No matter your level of performance
your body needs times to recover

Training without recovery leads to “overtraining” which actually contributes to decreased performance and increased risk of injury. Without variety in your workout routine or athletic play, and without rest and recovery, you’re more susceptible to overtraining injuries. ARC offers more recovery services under one roof - for the professional, the college, the high school, the youth, or the recreational athlete.

Young Athletes

Young athletes push their bodies to perform at levels once reserved for adults.

You want your young athletes to have the best chance to become high performers. Give them the same resources as high performers. Without proper training or access to recovery therapies, they face considerable risk for injuries. The CDC reports that nearly 30 million children and adolescents play organized sports in the United States. They claim more than half of all sports injuries in children are preventable.

Check out these alarming statistics:

  • 59% increase in ACL surgeries among youth from 2004-2017*
  • 70% greater risk for overuse injuries in athletes who play more hours per week than their age**
  • approx. half of all middle and high school sports injuries are due to overuse***
  • * Jamie Williams. (July, 2017). Teen ACL Injuries on the Rise, UNC Researchers Call for Wider Use of Injury Prevention Programs [blog article].
  • ** American Academy of Pediatrics. (October 28, 2013). Risks of Specialized Training and Growth for Injury in Young Athletes: A Prospective Cohort Study.
  • *** Zachary Abate. (November 4, 2013). Youth Sports Specialization Leads to Injuries [blog article].
High School athletes
account for an estimated 2 million injuries, 500,000 doctor visits and 30,000 hospitalizations each year

Active Lifestyle

You want to improve your lifestyle and focus on being a better you. You’ve decided it’s time to take fitness seriously. You need some direction. Let the experts at ARC show you how recovery added to your workout strengthens your body. We offer more recovery services under one roof. No matter how intense your sport or your workouts, when you recover at ARC, you give your body its best chance for optimal performance.

High Performers

You have big athletic goals. You know what it takes to reach them. You need someone to help you get there. ARC is your fitness and recovery partner. ARC has everything for fitness, recovery and rehabilitation under one roof to help you reach optimum performance.
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