See what People are saying about ARC

Paul White Testimonial

For athletes and weekend warriors. The recovery is why I came. Had severe knee pain “runners knee” from my new adult indoor soccer league. 4 month quest with lots of money spent. I came here, and was fixed in 2 weeks. Caydee’s massage therapy will fix any issue you have! Be open and do what she says. You’ll be back on the pitch and performing better than ever! All ages. If you value your family’s well-being and performance in life. Here you go.

Paul White

Drew Simmons Testimonial

This is such a great experience. The therapy is awesome, and the people are too! I had to get a membership!

Drew Simmons

Paty Gracia Testimonial

I really like it, it helped me a lot with my neck pain, I’d definitely like to go again for some therapy and the float, thank you ARC!

Paty Gracia

Denise Brinkmeyer Testimonial

Wonderful place. Knowledgeable and friendly. I had my DEXA scan and RMR done. Great rates for this market.

Denise Brinkmeyer

Sarah Sweeney Testimonial

You literally cannot get more comprehensive, all-encompassing and top-notch for Physical Therapy and Athletic Recovery than right here. Nothing in the entire state of Oklahoma compares to this facility.

Sarah Sweeney

Rome Harris Testimonial

This place is amazing! As an athlete, I have everything I need for strength, and recovery at the Arc. Awesome people and the overall knowledge of the human body impresses me every time.

Rome Harris

Andrea McMillan Testimonial

Very clean and relaxing environment. Enjoyed the cold/hot tubs, sauna & float! I will recommend this to everyone and will be back. Thank you!!

Andrea McMillan

Kabir Bath Testimonial

Wow! What a facility. Everything a lifestyle athlete needs in one place – from strength training, recovery, and rehab – the ARC has it all! As a full time martial arts competitor, my body can take a lot of wear and tear. It’s easy to neglect taking care of yourself when all the services you need access to are spread out all around town. Having everything under one roof is amazing, and the level of expertise and professionalism demonstrated here by the staff is top notch. Definitely recommend this facility to anyone who is constantly using their body – whether you’re doing CrossFit, Mixed Martial Arts, or running – this facility has all the tools and resources to help you keep your training going!

Kabir Bath

Trey Riley Testimonial

Super friendly and helpful staff, EVERYTHING you need to rehab or prehab. Cryo, Normatec, PT and more.

Trey Riley